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Water Jet Cutting & Fabrication

Performance Water Jet can provide all the fabrication steps from CNC design and cutting to coating. Give us a part design, or we'll help you with design, and we'll do the rest.

The majority of our work is cutting and fabricating metals. We can cut most materials. We fabricate using most metals.

Water Jet Cutting

Waterjets can cut most materials. A major advantage is the ability to cut without heat.

While waterjet cutting of metal products is the majority of our work, we cut most materials; Ceramic, Composites, Foam, Glass, Granite, Leather, Metals, Rubber, Paper, Plastics, Stone, Textiles, Tile, and Wood.


Design, Cutting, Assembly

From CNC design through cutting, welding and coating Performance Water Jet can be your project manager or specialized team member. Most of our services are performed in-house. Some highly specialized services we'll handle via associates trusted to perform to our quality standards.

Cutting & Bending

Performance Water Jet welcomes small and simple projects. This example is a waterjet cut and machine bend accomplished in-house. Call or email us for a quote. We prefer you call so we can discuss cost saving options and the specific of your project.

We calculate the bends to provide correct opening positions post bend and pre-bend part dimensions.

Material Use

Performance Water Jet's CAD system allows us to get the most parts from the least material saving you money. Scrap is recycled.

Complex Shapes & Assembly

This is an example of an item assembled from multiple parts. Each part's dimensions are checked in our CAD system. A test prototype is cut and assembled to test fit of each part and verify final dimensions. We can provide a single prototype for your inspection. Prototype cost depends on scope of the overall project. We will work with you to provide our best possible price.